Jane Murray

Candidate for Oulton

I am married and have 3 children. I have recently retired from almost 40 years of teaching in North Suffolk and 32 of these have been at BBHS. I live in the Oulton Ward and have done so for 27 years. All 3 of my children went to Oulton Broad Primary School (OBPS) and joined local community groups when they were young. I have been on the PTA at OBPS and also Governor at BBHS. I have also set up the local netball league which is still being run at EPA.

My background has been one of caring about people – whether it be young or elderly. I have only recently joined the labour party. My beliefs mark me as a socialist by nature, and the Labour Party is the most practical vehicle for joining a movement to take my way forward. Family meal times are taken with lots of discussion about politics and I thought when I have retired I will have time to devote not only to discussing issues but helping others.

I want to bring a better quality of life to the community. The role of a councillor would help me achieve my aspirations for my community. Oulton is a large ward with varying issues, including small pockets of social housing and large areas of new development.

I'm keen to be involved in creating a Labour WDC and helping Bob Blizzard to get re-elected as I believe this is the way the town can progress.

It would be good if we could resurrect a local fete again and I would be very interested in working alongside community groups in helping to organise one.

Through teaching and contact with parents I have developed skills and experiences that would be useful to me if I was elected.

I have always been a committed team player, this has been of enormous benefit in achieving the best outcome for each and every individual child. I would continue with this approach in my role as a councillor.

Phone: 01502 500692 

Email: janeomurray62@gmail.com

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