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Letter to B&B on Bungay one-way system

As some local residents will know, Bob Blizzard, our Labour Party Parliamentary Candidate for Waveney, was out and about in Bungay on the campaign trail last weekend with local members and supporters. I was part of this team and wish to express our thanks to all those who took time to talk to us and share their concerns about issues that matter to them.  

Amongst the points raised on many doorsteps were the continuing safety concerns of our new road layout. Now that it is completed most would agree that it has enhanced the look of our town and many consider that traffic flows better, however some genuine safety issues remain, especially those concerned with the removal of controlled crossings on what is an HGV through route.

Therefore I have written again to the transport specialist in charge of the scheme at Suffolk County Council and have asked the following under the Freedom of Information Act:

  • What were the aims and objectives of putting in place the one way system in Bungay,

    • was it to reduce traffic speed?
    • was it to enhance the town?
    • was it to reduce traffic volume?
    • was it to improve traffic safety?
    • was it to create a more pedestrian friendly environment?

  • What mechanisms are in place for assessing the above, when will the scheme’s effectiveness be monitored, and to date, what evidence has come to light in your findings?

  • Has an assessment been carried out to gauge whether emphasis on environmental enhancement has led to compromised pedestrian safety?
    1. And if the answer is yes what measures will be taken to address this?
    2. And if the local community view is yes, what measures will be taken to improve local confidence?

  • In relation to the newly introduced lower speed limit; what are the mean speeds before and after scheme completion, i.e. does the 20 mph speed limit adhere to the Suffolk County Council’s 20 mph speed limit policy?

  • If a lower speed limit has been introduced to compensate for the reduced level of safety brought about by the removal of controlled crossings, is this working? What measures are in place to assess this?

  • Why are there issues around enforcing the new speed limit and what is being done to find a resolution?


When I receive a response I will happily share it as a follow up to this letter. 


Sue Collins is Chair of the Labour Party in Bungay

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