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Nick Webb's speech to planning meeting on Brooke Marine site

This application takes away the only green area in the hundreds of acres of brownfield land south of Lake Lothing. It takes away a well used playing field, greatly valued by the community. There is no replacement shown in this plan and you can’t predetermine other applications not yet made.

This application takes away 38% of a designated County Wildlife Site and the Suffolk Wildlife Trust has formally objected.

It also takes away all of an industrial site where over 120 people are currently working; where the largest company would like to stay and expand, because no other suitable waterfront site is available. Lowestoft will lose this major company if they are forced off by this plan.

My constituents are angry about the traffic that 850 homes and a school will generate onto roads like Victoria Road and Kirkley Run that are already congested.

Suffolk County Council’s Design Guide for Residential Areas states in paragraph 3.3.9 that “not more than 150 dwellings will normally be served from a single means of access.” This application shows only one access road, which in itself does not meet the width standards required for this scale of development. And even if this development is later connected to Heath Road and School Road, they don’t meet the width standards required. Councillors, you need to demand a more thorough Traffic Assessment.

The Environment Agency has lodged major objections relating to flood risk. It’s not good enough to delegate conditions to officers. You need to insist that YOU see how the applicant proposes to overcome these major objections BEFORE you consider granting approval.

Where is the foul drainage assessment required by Policy DM02? You need to see it first.

Given the cost and difficulty of developing the Brooke peninsula for housing, there are major questions concerning the viability of this scheme. You should insist upon a full viability study before making a decision.

Building on the field and the heathland is easy, but the peninsula is not. How will you link the development together to ensure it doesn't cease, leaving the difficult part unbuilt? What will you do to make sure this cannot happen?

This is really important. The applicant for this £150million scheme, Cardy Construction, (a company only worth £500,000), and one of the business partners of Brooke Park are the same two who are involved in the Pleasurama fiasco in Ramsgate. Please ask Thanet District Council before you proceed. Viability is a key issue when signing a Section 106 Agreement.

These are all questions you must ask. Do not approve this tonight. You do not have the answers.

Nick Webb is Labour Councillor for Whitton

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commented 2014-10-17 12:25:56 +0100
My band and a few others rehearse on that site, so I’m very familiar with it. After the tidal surge, it was basically like a big pond. Personally I think we need more housing in this town like a hole in the head. We’re already an overcrowded town!! Leave us alone now please!
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